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100% Performance Based

Your Risk-Free Solar Lead Platform

Are you tired of expensive (pre-paid) solar leads that don’t convert? At Quote For Solar, we understand the challenges that installers like you face when it comes to acquiring high-quality solar leads that actually convert into customers. 

That’s why we’ve created a risk-free solar lead platform with a 100% performance-based compensation model which ensures that you only pay for the leads that meet your criteria and result in successful installations. No upfront cost, no hidden fees.


How Quote For Solar works:

Partnering with Quote For Solar is easy and convenient for all solar companies. Become a part of our exclusive platform and receive highly qualified local solar leads without any initial investment.

1. Lead Generation

Our customers request local solar quotes on our website.

2. Competition

We connect them with up to three local solar installers.

3. Installation

If a customer chooses your quote, you’ll install their system with priority.

4. Payment

You pay Quote For Solar after you have received the full revenue of the installation.

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Why Quote For Solar Stands Out

The Quote For Solar Model

At Quote For Solar, our mission is to assist American households in finding the perfect solar solution that meets their unique needs. That’s why we exclusively work with top-tier solar installers across the United States. 

With Quote For Solar, customers have the convenience of requesting up to three solar quotes with just one simple inquiry. This streamlined process saves them time and effort, allowing them to compare multiple offers from reputable installers all in one place. As our partner, you compete on pre-qualified, highly valuable leads.

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Benefits for Solar Installers

At Quote For Solar we help solar installers generate highly qualified leads without spending thousands of dollars on marketing that doesn’t work. Thus we make the solar industry more fair and efficient for everyone.

$0 Lead Costs

Are you tired of paying for unqualified leads from solar platforms? Enjoy $0 upfront costs with Quote For Solar.

Qualification Included

We qualify all of our leads. This is how we assure that your time invest stays as low as possible.

100% Risk Free

With $0 upfront cost you have absolutely no financial risks with Quote For Solar. If you don’t sell, we won’t get paid.

Trust Badges Available

Are you looking to stand out among competitors? Talk to us about our free installer badges.

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We’ll Help You Collect Positive Customer Reviews

Did you know that by following up with a satisfied customer within 2 days after their installation, you’ll maximize your chances of getting a positive review? We’ll help you with that. After selling a solar system to an inquirer that was generated through Quote For Solar, we will automatically follow up with them and ask them to review your services.  

Make Quote For Solar your Competitive Advantage 

Sounds too good to be true? We assure you it’s not. Book your intro call with us now and get listed on our Quote For Solar for free!

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